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Noble Christmas Tree Tacoma

Noble fir Christmas Tree
noble christmas tree tacomaGordon rooted Christmas tree selling in his family 25 years ago while selling landscape supplies. It takes an average of eight years to raise an eight foot tree and up to 20 years to raise some of the taller trees from a seedling, and Gordon and his family have had a personal hand in each one. When you buy a Christmas tree from  G & L Bark and Supply you aren’t just getting a tree from that guy that just started selling trees, you’re getting a tree that was cared for, a tree that has history an was hand picked. Walking the outdoor lot with your family and finding that perfect tree is a crucial part of Christmas. Let the team that loves their trees, knows their business and cares about their customers bring their family tradition into your family.
Oh, and if you don’t crave tradition, but know a good tree and a good deal when you see one contact us and become a special order customer to let G&L bark and Supply pick the perfect tree for you. – See more at: http://www.g-lbarksupply.com/

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